taskwarrior frontend using Ruby & React

#ruby #react #taskd #cli #productivity


Warrior is a pet project and because task is a tool I use regularly, I thought it would be interesting and useful to develop a web interface for it, and apply some of what I have learned from other projects along the way.

Warrior is built on Ruby with React up front. This project is closed source, so instead of a tour of the inner workings, what follows is a bit of background on how it got started.


Taskwarrior is a task management tool, used to keep track of and handle tasks. It is a cross-platform program with a command-line interface. It stores its data in formatted text files but can export this data as JSON. There are existing tools that provide a frontend to this application like Inthe.AM and Taskwarrior Web.

Taskd Server

My taskd service is running on a small Kubernetes cluster of three nodes. The docker container is bundled with lego and obtains a server from Let’s Encrypt. Whilst in development, I deploy Warrior to the cluster, but I also test it on Heroku.

Photo by William Daigneault